Young Learners Preschool Policies

Students Arrival and Release

We request that you demonstrate respect for your child and teacher by arriving on time during drop-off and pick-up times.  Prompt arrival means your child will get the most out of their school experience. To promote independence and self confidence, we encourage you walk your child into the building and their classroom instead of carrying them.  This also helps reduce any issues with separation anxiety. We are not able to take children any earlier than scheduled class time.

For safety reasons we do not want students walking into the building alone.  Children cannot be dropped off at the curb or left in the lobby.  Please walk your child into the classroom and allow the teacher to acknowledge you and your child.  When classes are over, the classroom door will be opened and you can go into the classroom and get your child.  Children will not be allowed to leave the classroom without an adult under any circumstances.  Prompt arrival at pick-up time reassures your child and provides them with a sense of security.

For the safety of your child, once your child is picked up from the teacher/classroom, you are accountable for your child’s actions and whereabouts for your time remaining in the building.

Students will only be released to a parent or an authorized adult.  On the back of your enrollment form you can list people authorized to pick up your child.  Just because someone drops off your child, this does not authorize them to pick them up.  All changes to authorized persons must be made at the front desk in writing.  Young Learners employees cannot walk children in and out of the building unless listed as an authorized pick-up person.  No child will be released to an unauthorized person.  The front desk staff will request photo identification of any persons picking up children that they are not familiar with.

All of the above is necessary to ensure the safety of your child!

Parking Lot

During main drop-off and pick-up times, our parking lot is very crowded.  Children cannot, under any circumstances, be dropped off at the curb.  It is necessary for you to park and walk your child into the building.  Please encourage your children to walk, not run, in the parking lot.  It is extremely difficult to see children behind and in between cars.  Because of that, we strongly encourage you to maintain a slow and safe speed.   Never leave a child unattended in a vehicle at any time while you come into the school.

Although sometime it may be difficult to find a parking spot, it is against Oregon State Law 811.615 to park in a parking space that is marked to provide parking for persons with disabilities.  We not only ask you to please respect this law, but to respect our families who need these spaces.

Illness – When Do I Keep My Child At Home?

When illness occurs, parents often are not sure when it is best to keep a child home or send them to class. Common sense and sensitivity to your child will often provide the best basis for your decision. To further assist you in making your decision, we offer the following guidelines from   Washington County Department of Health and Human Services.

Do not send your child to school if:

When children have any of the above symptoms, they should not come to school.  If children have had a fever of 100.5 or over, wait until your child is fever-free for 24 hours before returning to school.  Lingering congestion, cough and tiredness may still be serious enough to prevent your child from engaging in learning activities.  If you are not sure whether your child should come to school, please call the front desk for advice.

Contagious Conditions

If your child has any contagious condition (strep throat, pink eye, chicken pox, lice, etc.)  Please contact the front desk immediately.  If there are more than two cases within a classroom we will post an illness alert outside the door or send a note home to every child in the classroom.  With any contagious condition, your child cannot return to school until they are demonstrating no symptoms and have been contagious free for a minimum of 24 hours.

If Your Child Becomes Sick At School

When the staff observes that your child is not feeling well, out of love and concern, you will be notified regarding your child’s condition.  We are not trained medical professionals, therefore staff will use discretion regarding medical concerns.  You may be notified to come and pick them up immediately when your child displays any of the following symptoms:  Vomiting, diarrhea, temperatures over 100.5, unexplained rashes, Pink eye/conjunctivitis or lice.

Please keep your contact phone numbers up to date on your enrollment form.


Bumps and scrapes are inevitable when children are at play.  If necessary, all accidents will be treated with soap and water to clean the surface  and with ice to reduce any swelling.  Every effort will be made to inform the parent when picking up the child.  This is done verbally and/or with the use of an Accident Report form.  Our staff undergoes training of CPR and First Aid.

Report Absence

If it is possible, the front desk and teachers always appreciates a phone call or email to let us know your child is not coming.  This eliminates teachers wondering whether your child is attending that day.  You can also email us at

Parent Helpers

Parents are not required to help in the classroom but are always welcome.  There are many ways to help both in the classroom and doing preparation for teachers at school and home.  Let your child’s teacher know when and if you are available.  We also hope parents will come into the class to share cultural activities and celebrations, jobs and hobbies with the students.  We also have miscellaneous projects around the school that we enjoy having parents help with (i.e.: working  in the library, putting-up / taking-down bulletin boards or displays, photocopying, laminating, etc.) Please turn in a Parent Volunteer form at the front-desk to let us know when and if you are available.

School Attire

Please keep in mind when choosing the clothes your child wears to school that we use glue, paint, shaving cream, and other things that may stain your child’s clothing.  We are not messy, we’re creative!   Clothing should be comfortable and practical for play.  Gym is a part of our daily curriculum, therefore clothing should allow your child to move comfortably and freely.  Students must remove their socks and shoes to participate in gym activities.  It is important that their shoes are easy to get on and off with minimal help.  For female students that prefer dresses, please consider footless leggings and socks instead of tights.

Lost and Found

We are not responsible for lost items.  Many coats and jackets look alike, so please take the time to label clothing items with your child’s name.  Items with labels can easily be returned to you.  Otherwise it ends up in our lost and found.  Our lost and found is located in the hallway near the restroom.  Please check this regularly.  Because we end up with so many items, three times a year (end of December, March and June) all lost and found items will be cleared out and donated to charity, no exceptions.


Each student should bring a full-sized backpack with their name on it to school each day.   This helps students learn a sense of ownership and  responsibility for their work to take home.  For the younger children, and those newly toilet trained, we also appreciate a full set of extra clothing in their backpacks.  Please check your child’s backpack everyday.  It contains any important information from the school and teachers as well as your child’s valuable school work.


We do not require students to be toilet trained.  Generally, children in   diapers or pull-ups can go without being changed for the duration of a class.  If a child has a bowel movement, for the comfort of everyone, we will change them.  If they are still in diapers please provide an extra    diaper or pull-up and wipes in your child’s backpack.  We do not supply diapers or wipes.  We are happy to help as much as we can with toilet training.  Once your child had transitioned to underwear, we would like you to provide extra clothing in your child’s backpack in case of any  accidents.

Talking With Your Child’s Teacher

Young Learners staff is always happy to meet with parents and discuss any issues or concerns you have about your child or things at school.  We do request that you make an appointment or tell us a good time to call you.  When classes are starting or ending the teachers must be focusing on the students.  We also believe it is better to talk about issues without the children around.  Email is also a great way of communicating with your child’s teacher.

Field Trips

Twice a year we have a field trip away from the school.  We do a center-wide field trip in the Fall and an individual classroom field trip in the Spring.  Young Learners is unable to provide transportation, therefore, an adult must attend with the children.  Additional parents, siblings and grandparents are always invited to attend as well.  On a field trip day, there will be no regular classes held in the preschool.  The specific details for the field trip (location, time and date) will be sent home in your child’s cubby and on put on their monthly calendar.  A minimal additional fee may apply to field trips.

Fund Raisers

Young Learners conducts several fund raising events during the school year to purchase items that are not covered by our operating funds. In the past, we have had a plant sale, sold sweatshirts, Discovery Toys and poinsettias. We hope that you will participate and help us purchase additional equipment and supplies for our school, but participation is not required.

Monthly Calendar

Each month your child will bring home a calendar. This is the primary communication between your child’s teacher and you. It will list activities, snack days, school closures and other important information. Please read what your child’s teacher sends home and keep the calendar handy for quick reference.

Daily Snacks

Snack time is not only a time to sit and relax and feed our bodies, it is also a social time where the children enjoy talking to their friends and  teachers.  Being the snack person is a very exciting job for the students.  The calendar your child brings home at the beginning of each month will indicate which day your child is to provide snack for the class. Snacks should be healthy!  Please avoid bringing cookies or other sweet snacks unless it is for a birthday celebration (please see birthdays).  Also, it is not necessary to send juice, we give the children water to drink.

To conform to state regulations, snacks must be store bought and in its original container listing ingredients.  Packaging must be unopened.  Snacks must be purchased to conform to state regulations.  Due to  dietary restrictions and allergies, we request no foods with peanuts (please see Peanut/Nut Aware) or no meat products.  Your cooperation with this would be greatly appreciated.

A few suggestions for snack time are:

Occasionally you child’s teacher may ask you to provide ingredients for a classroom cooking project.

We Are Peanut Aware

The parents of a child with food allergies are responsible for alerting the teachers and front desk staff to any allergy and make plans together for how to best accommodate the student based on the guidelines presented in this policy.  Due to the increasing number of peanut/nut allergies our shared snack times are completely peanut and nut free.  This includes all nuts, nut products and products manufactured in facilities where nut products are packaged.  Even plain M&M’s list peanuts on their label because they are manufactured in the same facility where peanut M&M’s are made. Please read all labels very carefully before bringing in snack.  If there is any risk to the children, your snack will be returned to you unopened at the end of the day and snack will be provided by the school.  In severe allergy cases, parents are encouraged to provide a snack from home to be 100% sure that cross contact contamination of a shared snack has not taken place.

Any classroom cooking projects will be required to be peanut/nut free.    At no time will a classroom use peanut butter or peanuts in any classroom activities.  Staff will participate in training in understanding and dealing with Anaphylaxis (severe allergic reactions) as the need arises.

**PLEASE NOTE** Peanut and nut products ARE allowed during Lunch Bunch program.  Lunch Bunch teachers will be notified of any student with allergies.  A peanut free lunch table will be provided for students to sit.


Birthdays can be important to a preschooler.  Celebrations at school need to be simple.  Teachers might provide a birthday crown or hat to help make the birthday child feel extra special.  On your child’s birthday, the teacher will do their best to assign your child’s snack day to the closest day to their birthday.  During birthdays we do allow for a special treat during our regular classroom snack.  To conform to state regulations, only commercially-produced, store-bought items that are transported in their original containers, unopened and listing all ingredients are allowed.  Home baked items cannot be served to the children.  Teachers are valuable resources in recommending appropriate foods.  Food allergies and other food related restrictions require careful selection of appropriate items.  Please see our Peanut/Nut Aware.

Birthday invitations for parties outside of the school are solely the responsibility of the family.  Invitations may be distributed at school only if you are inviting the entire class, otherwise please do not send birthday party invitations to school.

Due to our sensitive fire alarm system, we do not allow any birthday candles.


Your privacy is very important to us.  We periodically take pictures of the children during classroom activities and field trips to let parents see various activities that go on at school and during class time.  These photos are only displayed in the classroom, hallways and lobby.  If you do not wish to have photographs taken of your child, please stop by the front desk and make sure the appropriate boxes are checked on your enrollment form.

When parents are invited into the classroom, please ensure that you are only taking pictures of your own child.  If you obtain permission from another child’s parent personally, you are welcome to take pictures of their child  as well.  Our intent is to prevent pictures from being published or on public display on social media sites or on the internet.  Internet safety is a very difficult issue for parents and educators; following this policy will prevent images from being used carelessly, or without parent’s knowledge.  Please be considerate of student’s privacy.


Holidays can be a vehicle for learning about the traditions and values of the families in our programs and exposing children to the traditions of others.  A child may want to share the anticipation and excitement they feel about their holiday celebrations.  All families are invited to share aspects of their holidays with the children in the classroom in a meaningful and respectful way.  Consult with your child’s teacher to make arrangements to share with the class.

We acknowledge:

Take Home Projects

Sometimes we will send home a project for you to complete with your child.  These projects are optional and are meant to be fun and give parents a chance to participate in school activities.  Please take the the time to work with your child and don’t do the project for them.  Children always learn more by doing the activity and having special time with a parent.


Whenever a pet becomes part of a classroom program it will be carefully chosen in regards to care, temperament, health risks and appropriateness for young children.  Family pets are only allowed in our school for short visits which have been prearranged with the teacher at least one day in advance.  Animals should be contained either by cage or leash.  Parents will need to take the animal home immediately following the visit.  If dogs are brought to school during drop-off and pick-up, they must be on a leash and remain outside of the building.  We would appreciate owners cleaning up after them since children play all over the grassy areas in good weather.  Dog messes must be picked up to keep our school area clean and sanitary.

Weather Closures

Occasionally classes will need to be cancelled due to inclement weather. Young Learners follows the Beaverton School District’s decisions.  Listen to early morning radio or TV, or check the internet for school closures or delayed openings.  If Beaverton is closed or has delayed openings, Young Learners will be closed for the entire school day.  Several “weather days” are built into our yearly schedule, which may or may not be used.  If classes are already in session when the Beaverton School District decides to close schools, we will immediately close.  Parents are advised to listen to TV and radio on days of unusually bad weather for possible early school closure.  This would close school for the entire school day.

Withdrawing Your Child From Young Learners

In order to withdraw from Young Learners, we must have a 30 day written notice.  We have a withdrawal form available at the front desk.  Students withdrawing from school after March 31st will be responsible for the monthly installments of April, May and June.  There is no refunds, discounts or credits for any missed classes.  No exceptions.


The new building is wonderful! The classrooms are big and filled with natural light. The colorful, engaging décor totally captures the spirit of the creative play curriculum. And I absolutely love the indoor gym, with its room for both group and individual play. In Oregon, it is a must! Kudos to Director Cindy Canfield for all of her hard work in making the move to the new school a resounding success!

- Chela W. (Mom with twins at Young Learners)