Special Events

Every year, Young Learners has several special events during the school year that enhance our curriculum.

Grocery Store

Every spring, we convert half of the gym into a creative play “Grocery Store”. We collect non-parishable food items, household items and personal hygiene items and display them to resemble a grocery store. Items are donated by YLP families, staff and area grocers. Students lend us their toy shopping carts and cash registers. The children love “shopping” and “working” in our store–selecting items, checking out, etc–all the while reinforcing important math, reading and social concepts. At the end of the store, all contributed food is donated to the Oregon Food Bank. We are proud to say that over the last several years we have been able to donate upwards of 450 pounds of food annually to Oregon families in need.

Field Trips

Each year we have two field trips–a school wide trip in Fall and individual class trips in the Spring. The children enjoy their adventures away from school with their friends and teachers. Parent participation is required.

Dental Visit

Dr. Rebecca E. Seppala from Cedar Park Family Dental Care

February is Dental Health Month; we invite a dentist to visit and talk to the students about the care and cleaning of their teeth. Young Learners often welcomes community helpers to our school.

I am the mother of 2 young boys close in age – the older diagnosed with autism. I looked at MANY preschools before walking into Young Learners. No other preschool embraced my son and welcomed me as they did (as they do with EVERY child). We worked on his challenges while developing his strengths as a team. The teachers are invested in everychild and take great joy in their triumphs. My therapy team was impressed with the curriculum but while still making each day engaging and fun. We stayed there for 3 years and it still feels like a second home.

- Susie, mother of 2 ACTIVE boys