Young Learners Philosophy

Our Goal: Happy, Healthy Children from Head to Toe!

Cindy - Young Learners Director

Cindy, the Director of Young Learners

We believe that the most critical aspects of a child’s development are a healthy sense of individuality and self-worth, an appreciation of the enjoyment and benefits of play and an understanding that the mind and body work together, and that taking care of both is the best way to feel good about one’s self. Our classes include a balance of activities that enhance both physical and mental skills. Each child’s individual strengths are identified and developed. We believe the exploration of many activities is essential for becoming excited about learning.
We also believe that a safe and happy atmosphere is necessary for children to achieve their full potential and to discover their own unique abilities. We strive to provide a comfortable, accepting, loving and secure atmosphere–one where parents will feel confident leaving their children and children will be excited to be.

I am the mother of 2 young boys close in age – the older diagnosed with autism. I looked at MANY preschools before walking into Young Learners. No other preschool embraced my son and welcomed me as they did (as they do with EVERY child). We worked on his challenges while developing his strengths as a team. The teachers are invested in everychild and take great joy in their triumphs. My therapy team was impressed with the curriculum but while still making each day engaging and fun. We stayed there for 3 years and it still feels like a second home.

- Susie, mother of 2 ACTIVE boys