General Description

Our Kindergarten class curriculum follows Oregon Department of Education and Beaverton School District learning targets and benchmarks.  Teacher Tammy has taught pre-school through 2nd grade and understands what an important year Kindergarten is.  She brings great experience and insight into her class.  Parent Conferences will be held twice a year. The class meets Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 1:00pm. Class size is limited to 15. Students will need to bring a sack lunch and provide some supplies. Students must be 5 by September 1.

Math Curriculum: Bridges in Mathematics

Fall Concepts: Exploration of materials, shapes, sorting, graphing, patterning, numbers 1 to 10 and geometry

Winter Concepts: Numbers to 20, number patterns, money (pennies and nickels), story problems and estimation

Spring Concepts: Numbers to 30, sorting, measuring, money, number patterns, story problems and 3-D shapes and constructions

Some themes that are integrated into the math program are: bugs, butterflies, ladybugs, sea creatures, frogs and toads

Literacy Curriculum

Units of Study for Teaching Reading and Units of Study for Teaching Writing

Read Aloud: An interactive time when we will discuss, examine, and really think about what we are reading. The teacher will model fluency, higher-level thinking skills and strategies as we break down the content, draw conclusions and use prediction to really engage in our reading.

Word Study: During this time we will be learning phonics, spelling and vocabulary. This will begin as a mini-lesson and conclude with independent work.

Shared Reading: Big books and repetitive selections will be used for whole class opportunities to work on our phrasing, fluency, and word recognition in context.

Reading Workshop: a time for small groups and individuals to meet with the teacher for conferences or mini-lessons to work on the skills needed to become independent readers.

Writing Workshop: During this time the teacher will introduce a mini-lesson regarding the writing process. Free choice writing as well as theme driven narrative, opinion, and informational writing styles will all be explored and developed.


All units incorporate these goals in a variety of ways to developmentally challenge the student.  These are goals we will work toward in class, but each child will move forward at their own  developmental rate.



Young Learners has been the best experience for my daughter–she can’t wait to go each morning. I love the creative, playful and loving environment; I can’t imagine a better preschool and kindergarten.

- Michelle, parent of kindergartener.